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Parisi Speed School of Rhode Island




Rhode Island’s Premier Athletic Development System

The Parisi Youth Sports Training System is our proprietary methodology that has proven results for youth from age 7 to18 and beyond. Parisi has been training athletes for success for over 20 years. Our proven methodology has helped athletes, coaches, teams from all sports improve their game, increase their record, and win the big one! Using many of the same techniques our founder used to train professional teams, as well as prepare aspiring athletes for the combine, we can help your athlete benefit from this proven system of training.

Summer Schedule: 9 Week Sessions        June 25 – August 24, 2018

3 days per week        Cost $279                   27 sessions

2 days per week        Cost $209                   18 sessions

1 day per week          Cost $119                   9 sessions

Minimum 10 kids per team.


Available Days and Times:  First come first serve for teams.

Monday-Friday 3:30 PM, 6:30 PM, 7:30 PM, 8:30 PM

Tuesday –Thursday 4:30 PM

Monday – Friday 6:30 PM


What Makes The Parisi Speed School of Rhode Island The Solution?

Are you the parent of an athlete, or the coach of a team, who is looking for that extra edge for their kids? Well fortunately, there is now a solution here  to help take athletes to the next level. Parisi Speed School of Rhode Island works with athletes between the ages of 7-18 on improving their athletic foundation. Meaning, improving their speed, quickness and strength, so they can excel at whatever sport they play. The greatest thing we deliver to our athletes is improved confidence and self-esteem. By working with athletes at improving their fitness level and achieving their goals on the field, we are helping them feel good about themselves and empowering them off the field.

December is here, and your athlete can end 2017 by improving their speed, quickness, and strength with the Parisi Speed School. Wrap Up Your Year with  INTRODUCTORY MEMBERSHIPS! 

$79/month for Jump Start $99/month for Total Performance

This is only for the month of December and for the first 15 signups for Jump Start, and 15 Total Performance.  Confidence and athleticism is the best gift a kid can get.

We can’t wait to hear from you, so contact us at  or call 401-233-2348 and we’ll answer any questions you may have about our training! #TrainToWin #ParisiNation


Parisi Speed School of Rhode Island

As the industry leader in performance enhancement, we are coming to Rhode Island to deliver a positive training experience that improves speed of movement and strength in character regardless of ability or economic status.

The Parisi training system is a nationally renowned youth training program for athletes 7 years old all the way to the pros. Parisi Speed School EMPOWERS athletes to improve their athletic performance by focusing on SPEED, strength, flexibility, endurance, agility, and SELF CONFIDENCE. If you or your team are looking to get fast, stronger, and DOMINATE any sport, Parisi Speed School of RI in Smithfield  will get you there.

Training Programs

Jump Start (Ages 7-10): Successful teams are fast, agile, strong and flexible. Team training incorporate speed and strength training in a larger class setting. these fast-paced group workouts will give the athletes the ability to get in top shape and train throughout the year to maximize results. Jump Start program builds a strong foundation for young athletes, teaching them about:

• Coordination
• Injury reduction
• Self confidence
• Speed, agility, and reaction
• Sportsmanship

Total Performance 1 (Ages 11- 14): Total Performance 1 is a speed school program that helps your pre-teen learn to improve overall strength, speed and agility. Designed to produce max improvements in athletic performance, the strength and speed classes help maturing athletes develop their potential; as well as form strong bonds with their teammates for a true feeling of belonging and purpose.

Total Performance 2 (Ages 15-18): Total Performance 2 is designed to give you the ultimate athletic advantage over your competition. Whatever your sport, whatever your passion, Total Performance 2 gives you the physical and mental discipline you need to be the best of the best and finally grab that competitive edge. Total Performance gives teens an athletic foundation that spans all sports, teaching them about:

• Improve speed and agility
• Increase strength
• Develop endurance
• Maximize jumping ability
• Boost confidence
• Power development
• Proper running and lifting technique

Team Training

Successful teams are fast, agile, strong and flexible. Team Training incorporate speed and strength training in a larger class setting. these fast-paced group workouts will give the athletes the ability to get in top shape and train throughout the year to maximize results.

Team Training Pyramid: Coaches would agree that speed, power, flexibility, balance and endurance are the foundation of any good team. In order for a team to be truly successful in any sport, that team must possess each of these fundamental characteristics. If just one of these components are missing, the team will not achieve their full athletic potential.



Team Training Program: Team Training programs are tailored to each teams specific needs and can be conducted for teams of all sizes, ages, and levels of ability. The number of training sessions, dates of each training session, and times of each session must be agreed upon prior to the beginning of the
program. Prices listed below are based on Per Athlete per One Hour Session.

Prices range from $10 – $15 per athlete per session.

The Evaluation

Everything starts with an EVALUATION!

Evaluating your athlete’s strengths and weaknesses is paramount to designing the right program for optimal sports performance.

What we test:

  • Linear Running Analysis: Measures running technique
  • 10-yard dash: Determines acceleration ability
  • Vertical jump: Assesses lower body strength
  •  5-hop broad jump: Assesses lower body power
  • 5-10-5 agility test: Determines the athletes ability to change directions
  • Max chin up test: Assesses upper body strength
  • Overhead squat: Assesses overall movement quality
  • Plank: Assesses core stability



Athletic Performance Paradigm

Mike Cordeiro

Parisi Team Coordinator

Phone: 401-524-0797


Parisi Speed School of RI

300 George Washington Hwy

Smithfield, RI 02917

Phone: (401) 233-2348

URL: noriskcrossfit/parisi