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    08/16/2016, 10:45am EDT
    By M. Cordeiro

    Come Play Youth Hockey and Experience More Great Moments in Your Child's Life


    More than a Game

    Hockey develops skills on the ice that build a foundation for a lifetime. In addition to athletic prowess, hockey promotes confidence, pride, focus and responsibility. With an emphasis on fun, hockey is a game to be played and enjoyed for life.


    Life-long Friendships

    Starting with the bonds created in the locker room to the relationships formed on ice, hockey creates life- long friendships. This camaraderie shared on and off the ice encourages teamwork and the natural development of leadership skills.


    Set Up for Success

    From learning to balance school, responsibilities at home, time at the rink and playing with friends, hockey encourages kids to learn time management skills that will later serve them in all facets of life. Hockey's unique source of physical fitness promotes healthy living.


    Hockey is Fun

    The thrill of carrying the puck up the ice on a breakaway, the exhilaration of scoring your first goal or making that amazing save is possible due to the encouraging environment hockey provides to try new things and grow as a hockey player and person.

    Any questions please contact Mike Cordeiro at 401-524-0797


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    Michael Cordeiro

    JDL Director

    Phone: 401-524-0797